Abbas Abu Camellia Genius Entrepreneur, Amazing Food Blogger & Explorer

Abbas Abu Camellia Genius Entrepreneur, Amazing Food Blogger & Explorer

February 21: Entrepreneur Abbas Sharif is one of the most famous Food bloggers who has more than 2M visitors on his Snapchat. He has been actively attracting a large chunk of food lovers towards his social media platforms through his amazing food as well as restaurant reviews. Interestingly he didn’t plan his career into food blogging, and that was all very momentary. He got into the food-education field by chance when he visited a restaurant in 2002. Then he thought of letting people know about different restaurants and cafes by creating blogs and feedback, which guided people, and the respective restaurant was also put to work as they got to improve their services so as to get better reviews from bloggers such as Abbas Abu Camellia.

Before entering Instagram to post his content, he used to click pictures and blog videos of food that he ordered thereafter; he eats the food and gives his reviews on the food too. His reviews and feedback are very much liked by people, and that is what gave him the title of “THE FAMOUS FOOD BLOGGER.”

Entrepreneur Abbas Abu Camellia has been doing his food blogging since 2003 in his social media accounts and has also worked in Tajub Marketing Company. He never thought of being a food blogger while planning out his career as he studied Dental Hygienist in his graduation. in Jordan; however, he later made his career in marketing and food business. Entrepreneur Abbas provides food and restaurant review services and has a clientele of more than 1000 restaurants. He has worked with a brand like T and T, Buffalo, wagamama, Asal and Afia, maki house, cheese house, oak berry, and the list goes and on.

His Instagram account is bestowed with 100k followers and 10k+ views in almost every post.

His followers are always eagerly waiting for his new posts and feedback. For more information, you can visit his site at . It is for the fact that the food and beverage industry has been seeing a lot of increase recently, to become a food blogger at present is nothing less than professional work and there exists visible competition in that field too. “Whatever work you do, if you do not respect that work, then there is a high probability your stardom will just be momentary.” Says Abbas Abu Camellia. To reach where Entrepreneur Abbas Abu Camelliais a task of sheer determination and perseverance and these qualities have played a key role in his success.