Can Dr Kruti Really Read Your Mind?

Can Dr Kruti Really Read Your Mind?

September 21: Telepathy, Mind Games, Do they intrigue you? Have you ever been surprised to receive a call or message from a friend or a relative just when you were thinking of them? So how does it happen? Coincidence? But there is a reason for this occurrence, reckons Dr Kruti Parekh, said to be “World’s Premier Professional female mentalist” and one of India’s first test-tube babies, who explained to us all about it.

“Everyone’s mind is capable of achieving anything it wants. When we think about people, we connect to them. You have to listen to your intuition and feel the energy,” said Kruti. In fact, she did surprise us by reading our mind successfully and playing some mind games with us.

Kruti performs her new mind-boggling show called “She Knows What’s on Your Mind” globally for Corporates. At the show, she unravels the mysteries of the mind. Like mind reading, the influence of mind as well as the power of sixth sense & time travel.

“I am actually influencing the mind of the entire audience together,” said Kruti explaining how her techniques works. “During the show, I give the audience the freedom to make choices (in their thoughts), and in the end, I will reveal to them how I have been influencing their minds from the word go” she added.

Kruti has performed internationally for the who’s who from the Emperor and Empress of Japan, Queen Silvia of Sweden, Prime minister of China and Australia and many more Dignitaries in more than 35 countries.

Currently, Kruti, a specialist in Customization of events & Motivational Speaker, uses her skills of Mind Reading, combined with Illusion presentations, to add wow factor and drive audience engagement for Corporate events, Marketing Conferences, Sales Events, Weddings etc. If you have a Message to deliver along with audience engagement and a WOW factor Making your events the talk of the town, Dr Kruti Parekh has a perfect solution for it.

Kruti also happens to be one of India’s first test-tube baby and being somewhat special, she engages in a lot of Charity activities, especially for the welfare and education of Children.

When asked about the various mental health issues the world faces today and how the millennials can work on their mindset? Dr Kruti said, “Youngsters these days want everything in a hurry. They get attracted to fast things in life. They don’t understand that things do not come easily. I conduct a workshop called ‘Change the Way You Think’, where I show you how to train your mind and believe in yourself. It does make a difference when you do that. I teach the youth how to overcome the impossible. It is not about how many times you fail and fall, but how many times you can rise again,” She has also penned down a book titled “ Beyond the Threshold of Mind.”

Mentalist v/s Magicians

“A magician says, ‘here is a deck of cards, pick up a card. He will then shuffle the card, put it back in the pack and say, ‘here is your card’.

“Mentalists work the same card trick, but differently. They work on the psychology of magic-using suggestive techniques, wherein we make you pick up the card that we want you to pick up,” she added.

Tips to Be Happy? 

  1. Smile: When you smile, a person who looks at you also smiles and this way, you multiply the smile!
  2. Happiness: Tell yourself, ‘I am happy and today is a wonderful day.’ Your body, mind and soul will believe it, and you will start your day on a positive note.
  3. Do something good: Do one task for a person that you know or even a stranger without expecting anything in return. If you see someone walking on the road and if he/she trips and falls, go help them. Smile and move on. It will give you more happiness than anything else in the world. Happiness comes from within, not from outside.


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