FTV Announced Shafeequr Rahman Name from Hyderabad as FTV City Partner Hyderabad

September 9: Shafeequr Rahman is the founder of The Star Live Hyderabad. Recently the name of Shafeequr Rahman was announced by the famous TV channel FashionTV (FTV) for FTV City partner Hyderabad. Let us tell you that Shafeeq is a big name in the Hyderabadi fashion industry and planning to organize many big events across the country very soon.

The Star Life Hyderabad has organized hundreds of fashion shows, Beauty Pageant, Fitness and Modeling Championships across the country, in which big celebrities of the country and abroad as well as many big stars of Bollywood world have also been seen. That’s why Shafeequr Rahman has won awards like passion Vista Glamor & Style awards 2019, Asian African Chambers of Commerce 2017 – 19 fashion and beauty expo awards 2018 – 19,  Global Business Leadership Forum 2017-19, Asian Arab award 2019,  st Mother Theresa University ‘ Man of people 2019.

It is a matter of pride for Rahman to be given the responsibility of FTV City partner Hyderabad. Let us tell you that FTV is a famous lifestyle broadcasting television channel all over the world for the fashion industry. According to the information, there are more than 400 million regular viewers on this channel. While another Shafeeq Rahman is scaling new heights daily in the fashion and entertainment industry, on the other hand, his father MohdKhaleelur Rahman was a former Member of Parliament and ex committee of Ministries Civil Aviation & Energy Govt. of India.

Talking to the media, Shafeeq Rahman said that his aim has always been to advance the country’s talents. Through FTV, he will give a new platform to the youth from Hyderabad and all over the country. His company Star Life Hyderabad is busy with its upcoming projects. He will give more good news to his fans very soon.

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