Presenting, a Symphony of Colors, Designs, Patterns and Finishes — JK Cement Ltd. Presents ‘JKC Wood Amore’, a range of Premium Italian Wood Finishes

Presenting, a Symphony of Colors, Designs, Patterns and Finishes — JK Cement Ltd. Presents ‘JKC Wood Amore’, a range of Premium Italian Wood Finishes

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India]: JK Cement Ltd. has been transforming dreams into brick and mortar structures for almost five decades. In its quest to live up to its mission of providing innovative products to meet its customer’s diverse needs, the Company has made its foray into the Wood Finishes segment with the launch of JKC Wood Amore – a range of premium Italian wood finishes. #NurturedInItaly, JKC Wood Amore, translates as ‘love for wood’ and has been formulated in collaboration with Italian wood coatings and finishes pioneer– Sivam Coatings. JK Cement’s strong brand salience, influencer & channel connect, and market leadership in the white cement & wall putty segments, JKC Wood Amore is poised to carve its new success story.

JKC Wood Amore is a revolutionary product that brings a range of Polyurethane (PU) products ensuring outstanding finish, appealing aesthetics, and higher durability for wood surfaces that is best suited for interiors. Bringing art to science and exploring every artistic possibility available, JKC Wood Amore aims at redefining the approach towards wood finishes.

#CraftedWithLove, the polyurethane range of products are being introduced in Clear and White– matt & glossy finishes. It also comes with over 2000 colour options in PU Matt and Gloss finishes. It is so easy to apply that one can select the colour from the catalogue to choose a finish for their wooden surfaces and can give a touch of artistry to wooden surfaces.

Speaking on the launch of this new segment, Mr. Niranjan Mishra (Business Head, JK White Cement) said, “JK Cement is a house-hold name and we have a very strong nation-wide presence in most of the paint retail outlets owing to our marquee brands i.e. JK Cement WallMaxX, the World’s No. 1 Wall Putty and JK Cement WhiteMaxX. JKC Wood Amore is a wonderful addition to our wide range of products as it reinforces our commitment to beautifying spaces; be it your walls, floors, ceilings, and now, even wood-work and furniture.

With the JKC Wood Amore product and colour excellence center located in Gurgaon, the product is currently being launched in a phased manner and is already available in some key markets of Northern India with an ambition of expanding the footprint of this business Pan-India by 2022. The brand will further launch a polyester, water-based and special effects range of finishes shortly.

Mr. Nitish Chopra (Head- Brand & Strategy) while speaking on the launch said, “We at JK Cement are committed to providing World-class products under the JKC Wood Amore portfolio and have crafted a robust launch and scale-up plan after extensive market research and consumer behaviour study. We have tried our best to address the needs and expectations of all our key stakeholders including applicators, contractors, architects, and the channel network to have a holistic strategy in place.”

JKC Wood Amore – Brand Video –

About JK Cement Ltd. 

For over four decades, JK Cement has been at the forefront of India’s multi-sectoral infrastructure needs, building on the strength of its product excellence, customer orientation, and technology leadership. With milestones as being the first company to install a captive power plant in the year 1987 at Bamania, Rajasthan, and the first cement company to install a waste heat recovery power plant to take care of the need for green power, JK Cement aims to deliver innovative products and solutions that meet the needs of its customers.

An unremitting commitment to building strong foundations has led JK Cement to commit to the highest standards of quality, productivity, sustainability, and performance that drives shareholder value and long-term success.

About Nuova SIVAM

Founded in 1949, Nuova S.I.V.A.M S.p.A. (Smalti Industriali Vernici Affini Milano) carries 70 years of expertise in coatings and finishes. One of the first Italian companies to produce paints. SIVAM has grown over time, establishing itself in the front line of the market worldwide, and is continually expanding both abroad and in Italy. Present in over 40 countries, spread throughout the continents, Nuova SIVAM is constantly forging new relationships with new countries and growing markets.

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