Samaara Tea to enhance product offerings, expand in newer markets

Samaara Tea to enhance product offerings, expand in newer markets

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CEO Dheer Vijay Shah has set his sights on taking the premium speciality tea brand to the next level.

Surat, August 17: Assam tea is considered among the best in the world, and one company is ensuring the world can savour the unique flavours of Assam tea. Samaara Tea, a premium speciality tea brand from Gujarat-headquartered Jivraj Tea Bhagal, one of the oldest and leading tea companies in the country, has been exporting Assam tea to countries around the world.

Samaara Tea offers a range of premium tea blends from Assam and has been exporting them to over 25 countries, including the US, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and many more.

“Samaara Tea is the fastest-growing tea producer in India. Tea lovers in India and around the world have been indulging in the great flavours of our premium teas for the last five years. With our strong and aromatic tea blends, we have created legions of tea fans and connoisseurs around the world. We look forward to further enhancing our product offerings and building further on the unique space we have carved out for us,” says Dheer Vijay Shah, Managing Director of Jivraj Tea International, and CEO of Samaara Tea.

Samaara Tea, the CTC black tea manufacturer in India, started its journey in South Gujarat. In addition to selling black tea, it also makes a variety of tea blends ranging from black tea, masala tea, and green tea, which are sold across the domestic and international markets it has a presence in. It also offers tea variants of strong aroma and instant tea premix, besides various other flavours.

Dheer Vijay Shah excels in product development and marketing, retail sales, business development and strategy and is putting them to great use as he looks to make its unique products available in more geographies and take Samaara Tea to the next level.

“There is a huge demand for premium teas both in the domestic market as well as overseas. We are working on plans to start selling Samaara Tea blends in more markets. We are increasing our presence in traditional retail and are also tapping modern retail and e-commerce to make Samaara Tea easily available to tea aficionados. Samaara has always been and is all set to delight tea lovers with its taste and quality,” he adds.

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