Speedy Pandit Blends Technology with Traditions through Its Online Pooja Booking Portal

Speedy Pandit Blends Technology with Traditions through Its Online Pooja Booking Portal

The portal allows users to book pandits trained in certified Vedic Pathshalas online for auspicious events

December 16: Catering to the believers in the age of digitization, Speedy Pandit allows them to book pandits online with a few simple clicks. The initiative is dedicated to resolving the issue of finding the right priests and accessories to perform poojas during auspicious occasions.

Speedy Pandit provides its clients with an interactive online platform for booking pandits trained in certified Vedic pathshalas. This allows clients to perform rituals and ceremonies via priests who are well-versed with the nitty-gritty details of the traditions. Being associated with 100+ pandits, Speedy Pandit helps its clients perform poojas such as Diwali Lakshmi Pooja, GrihaPravesh, Satya Narayan Pooja, Vaastu Shanti Pooja, and more. The company assigns suitable pandits to the clients based on the specific purposes and occasions.

In order to cater to a wide range of clients, Speedy Pandit has kept the online booking portal easy to understand and simple to use. If an individual is looking for a pandit to perform a specific pooja, they can visit the online portal, select the occasion/ceremony, choose the right muhurta, and book a pandit according to their convenience. Speedy Pandit makes sure that the priests will always be available whenever the clients need them. Moreover, the company provides all the required pooja samagri (accessories) to the clients based on the concerned occasion.

The idea behind Speedy Pandit germinated when Yashraj Killawala, a 25-year-old MBA graduate, and Nilesh Gaikwad, a 26-year-old engineer, witnessed one of their friends encounter roadblocks while looking for a pandit for his wedding. On experiencing issues regarding the availability and cost of services provided by different priests, they thought of streamlining the process to make things easier for the public, leading them to co-found Speedy Pandit.

Currently, Speedy Pandit provides services to the people of Mumbai and Pune. In the next few months, the company aims at catering to other metro cities in India with the ultimate goal of reaching every Indian household willing to avail of its services.

Along with providing personalized services to the clients, Speedy Pandit also caters to the needs of the pandits associated with the company by providing them with medical help, health insurance, and other relevant support for their contributions.

Yashrajand Nilesh believes that a venture like Speedy Pandit would be instrumental in organizing the religious sector in the country with the help of technology. They say, “India is a country full of believers who perform auspicious ceremonies in a traditional way. However, we have witnessed that a huge sector with tremendous potential is functioning in a fragmented and unorganized manner. Through Speedy Pandit, we aim at streamlining the services provided by pandits across the country who are learned and capable of explaining the essence of the ceremonies performed. We hope our venture is successful in providing the public with an ideal mix of technology and tradition.”

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