Spice Grill Flame, a pioneer in the vegetarian food market that defeated the pandemic woes

New Delhi [India], July 26: Spice Grill Flame (SGF) India, braved the pandemic and how! SGF recently launched new outlets, increased hiring, and supported its employees.

Launched in 2015 as a single outlet, SGF has successfully run outlets in most of the major cities today, with 6 newly opened branches within the last 2 months. While others struggled to stay afloat and laid off staff, SGF managed to increase work capacity and pitched in towards recovery of the economy by generating employment. It was SGF’s top priority to get all the staff fully vaccinated and all outlets sanitized regularly and effectively. Ensuring covid19 protocols are followed and all precautions are taken has further enabled the organisation to work efficiently.

This has been possible because of a versatile menu with over 100 dishes, quality staffing, great service, and delicious vegetarian food. The development of meat substitutes in the form of quality soy products has been the cherry on top ensuring health and taste during the pandemic.

The 6 newly opened outlets are situated in Sonipat (Haryana), Kundli (Haryana), Hisar (Haryana), Karnal (Haryana), Kalkaji (New Delhi), and Lajpat Nagar (New Delhi). 2 more branches are coming soon in Bareilly (UP) and Jhajjar (Haryana). Each outlet has employed a minimum of 6-7 people as staff members.

The association briefed that the quality of service and welfare of the staff is of prime importance to the firm. SGF aims to make lip-smacking delicacies accessible, available, and affordable to all foodies out there. At the same time, ensuring sanitation and safety is essential and non-negotiable for the organization. The firm has launched discounts and deals for vaccinated individuals in order to encourage everyone to get vaccinated and as a contribution to the fight against coronavirus.

“The aim is to not just sustain but to maintain: the quality, the goals, and the success streak. We are optimistic and hopeful about the future, while we remain prepared to face any unforeseen adversity” Mr. Kewal Ahuja, founder, Spice Grill Flame.

Launched in 2015 by Kewal Ahuja, Spice Grill Flame (SGF), SGF is every foodie’s dream come true. The SGF team’s firm belief in their tagline, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well,” is truly visible and as a result, they are the best players in the vegetarian food market not only based on taste and quality but also affordability. With more than 54 outlets spread across the country, SGF is soon to become a household name.

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